Blockchain congestion detected

What does blockchain congestion detected mean?

When the Bittrex software detects blockchain congestion on the Ethereum network our software shuts the wallet off to prevent new transactions from being sent to a congested network that may lead to orphaned transactions. This is temporary and the wallet will be re-enabled once the congestion on the Ethereum network has cleared.

This congestion is a global Ethereum block chain issue. This typically happens when there is a crowdfund and people rush to send their coins, increasing the gas price of all transactions on the network. This traffic leads to slower processing for wallets that receive heavy traffic like the Bittrex wallet.

If you have sent a transaction and then noticed this error on the wallet, please do not panic. Please be patient and wait for the wallet to return to Normal operational status. Your transaction should be in the global Ethereum transaction pool, meaning it will get picked up and confirmed by the network.  


Missing ETH withdrawal with a Normal wallet status

If you have waited one hour or more for your ETH related withdrawal to arrive and the wallet status shows Normal (Bittrex site status), please enter your transaction ID hash from the "Closed Withdrawals" section of the "Holdings" page into one of the many Ethereum block explorers.

If the transaction cannot be found it may have orphaned, please enter a ticket using the Help with Withdrawals form and select ETH/ETH Token Missing as the sub field. Please make sure you include the destination address and transaction ID.


What is an orphaned withdrawal?

Without getting into technical details an orphan withdrawal is a transaction that the wallet created and generated a transaction ID for. However, the wallet software was unable to get this withdrawal accepted into the block chain and the coins have been returned to the wallet. If your transaction orphaned we will need to credit your account and have you resubmit the withdrawal.

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