Error Codes - Troubleshooting common error codes

Some common error codes you might run across are described in the table below with some troubleshooting tips for how to solve the issue. 


Error code Explanation Troubleshooting tips
2FA_FAILED The code you entered has either expired or is invalid. Please wait for a new code on your device and try your submission again
ZERO_OR_NEGATIVE_NOT_ALLOWED Please review your order entry. The quantity and price you are entered are not typical for this market. The quantity and price you have entered are invalid for this market.  Please make sure the quantity/amount you have entered is the number of coins you want to purchase  Please make sure the price you have entered is the price you want to pay per coin.


The memo/tag/paymentID/message you entered for this coin is not valid.  If your destination does not require this attachment, please leave the field blank.   Some coins can be withdrawn using a memo/tag/paymentID/message.  If you are withdrawing the coin to a place that does not require these attachments, please leave the field blank or the withdraw will error.


The maximum number of open orders has been reached.

Retail accounts are limited to 1000 open orders. You must wait for an open order to fill completely or cancel an existing open order before placing a new order. 


Each coin has a max limit per withdrawal

Following are the max amounts of coins that can be withdrawn per coin.

BTC = 100

ADA = 100,000

DOGE  = 100,000,000

All others coins = 10,000,000


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