What fees does Bittrex charge?

Bittrex has the following fees

Trades - All trades are charged .25%.  This is calculated by taking the (amount * purchase price * .0025).  Any portion of an order that has not execute, will be refunded fully upon the cancellation of the order.

Deposits - There are no fees for deposits.  Please be aware that some coins require us to move your funds to another address before we credit them.  This means the coins network will charge you the normal transaction fee for this send.  This is not something we can avoid.

Withdraws - Our intention is to not make any profits on withdraws.  However, each coin has a network transfer fee that is built into the coin.  This means that we must charge a small amount to cover this fee.  You can view the fee for a coin by clicking thenext to the coin to bring up the withdraw window which shows the fee.

Fiat Deposit and Withdrawals- Bittrex does not charge fees for USD deposits and withdrawals. You will want to check with your bank as they may charge a fee to send your wire transfer as well as receive a wire transfer at your bank. Also, for international customers if your bank uses an intermediary bank you will want to check with them to see if they charge a fee.

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