Changelist 05/09/2017

Wow, 10/28/14 was the last time we published a changelist.  Since it would take several weeks of typing to catch up that much, below is a list of notable changes that we made in the last 4 weeks. 


General performance improvements:

1) 3x performance improvements on order handling

2) 5x improvement on ETH / ETH asset deposits


General usability improvements:

1) Logins now use Google's Invisible Captcha

2) Chinese users who previously had trouble with Google's captcha now fallback to a different captcha mechanism

3) Updated the v1.1 API documents to remove references to the count parameter and Market orders - These were long disabled but the documentation was out of date and causing confusion

4) Improved deposit and withdrawal instructions for specific tokens

5) Removed the ability to request new deposit addresses on tokens that have no market


Trading improvements:

1) Significantly faster and more responsive charts; ticks load under 2 seconds

2) Fixed charts to properly render on ETH and USDT markets

3) Improved the main market lists to highlight ETH markets and overall improve the performance and remove memory leaks on the page

4) Improved the overall market page memory by capping the amount of trade history stored on the page; In the past if you left a market page open for a long period, it would keep using memory because the trade history would never delete.  


Security improvements:

1) Added IP whitelisting; specify the ip's that can trade and withdrawal from your account

2) Added address whitelisting; specify which addresses the account can withdrawal to

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