How to submit a fiat application


If you wish to withdraw fiat (USD) from your Bittrex account to your bank account via Wire transfer, then you may need to submit a fiat application first.


When to submit a fiat application
  • If you have never made a successful wire deposit from your bank account into your Bittrex account previously, but you would like to withdraw the funds via wire transfer

  • If you made a deposit from your debit card to your Bittrex account previously and you would like to withdraw the funds via wire transfer

  • If you converted crypto from your Bittrex account into fiat (USD) and would like to withdraw the funds via wire transfer
How to submit a fiat application
  1. Click here to open our contact form.


    Even if you have an existing support ticket, all fiat applications must be submitted on a new ticket.

  2. Select Please Click Here to Create a Ticket.


  3. Select No.


  4. Select how you are accessing your Bittrex account - from the Mobile App or Web Browser.


  5. Select Funding an account with USD or EUR.


  6. Select I need to add my bank account for USD wire transfers.


  7. Fill in the email associated with your account and all remaining fields on the form.

  8. You will be asked to attach a copy of a bank statement. You may redact any information on the statement you would like to keep private, however these four items must be clearly shown on the statement/letter:

    blue_checkmark_NEW.PNGyour name
    blue_checkmark_NEW.PNGyour address
    blue_checkmark_NEW.PNGyour account number
    blue_checkmark_NEW.PNGthe bank's name

  9. Click Submit.


Once we receive all the required information, we will begin processing your request to enable the Wire transfer option on your Bittrex account.


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