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Below you will find some issues and frequently asked questions we receive about fiat withdrawals on Bittrex, and some helpful guidance. For issues and questions about fiat deposits, please visit this article.

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1. Wire Transfer Withdrawals
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I cannot withdraw an amount smaller than $25 USD.
$25 USD is the minimum withdrawal amount for wire withdrawals. If you see this error, please increase the withdrawal amount to $25 or more.

My domestic wire withdrawal failed.
There are multiple reasons why this may happen, but they are all related to your bank. We suggest reaching out to your bank for more information.

Please also make sure that the name on your bank account matches the name in your Bittrex account (under My Account > My Profile > Name).



How do I submit a fiat application?
Detailed instructions can be found in this article.
What fees does Bittrex charge for wire withdrawals?
There is a $25 fee for wire withdrawals. This and other important information can be found in this article.


Your bank may charge a fee for deposits and/or withdrawals.

What are my withdrawal holds?
Fiat funds deposited by wire will be subject to a withdrawal hold for 10 days for accounts opened less than 45 days ago. This and other important information can be found in this article.
Can I trade during the withdrawal hold period?
During this time you should be able to trade, however, some customers with recent fiat deposits may not have the ability to purchase in all markets. If this is the case, these customers will be able to purchase in previously restricted markets after the hold period has ended.
Why do I have to wait two minutes after logging in to make a withdrawal?
This is a measure put in place for added security on your Bittrex account.



If you have an issue or a question not listed here, or you need additional assistance, please contact Bittrex Support so we can assist!  


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